The Thrill Of Legendaries

Lonnie's Lugia

Lonnie’s Lugia

The Beginning

I do not consider myself a computer gamer. I do not like playing board games. The only games that I like to play are the one’s that I make up based on my day job, cycling or my hobbies…until now. I started playing Pokemon Go on May 8, 2017 with the encouragement of two coworkers, Dorea and Darryn.  I chose to be on Team Instinct because my son Zak was on the team and he was playing.  At first I thought Pokemon go would be a diversion to get me to stop thinking about my job as an IT professional, but it has evolved to much more than that.

When I first started playing I was drawn into the game because it was based on moving around in the real world.  Riding my bike is a passion that adds enjoyment to my life and riding to Pokemon Stops and collecting items is just a side benefit to my exercise while cycling.  Getting to know my coworkers was another benefit to playing Pokemon go because it allowed me to get to know them better.  Playing Pokemon as a small team allowed me to learn how the game worked and develop my style for dealing with choices in the Pokemon go universe.  One of the most amazing features of the game was team interactions during gym battles.

Raid Party

Now that the game has gone through an amazing update my mind is blown at how much fun I am having with Pokemon Go.  I love Albany, GA for a lot of reasons, but the main reason is the people that choose to live here.  Pokemon go has allowed me to have an excuse to meet more amazing people that live in this community.  The evolution of the game from a single player  or small group experience into a community experience is  wonderful.

Lonnie's Articuno

Lonnie’s Articuno

My first Pokemon raid was exciting and this update to the game was inspiring.  Yesterday when I was on my lunch break I saw how the Pokemon Go community in Albany works.  The Pokemon Go community in Albany has a Facebook page where all teams share information about what is going in locally.  When the raids came out a new group was started just to help folks know about them.  Getting enough players at a raid was essential in defeating the raid boss.

Albany Pokemon Go Community

What was amazing at this raid at the Albany Post Office on Meredith Drive was that I witnesses group organization and logistics just happen spontaneously.  The raid can only accommodate 20 players at a time and it takes a lot to defeat a level 5 raid boss.  not all of the players had arrived at the location, but it was decided by the group to wait for everyone that had posted on Facebook that they were on their way.  when the group started counting up how many players were going to attend they realized that 24 players would be too many for one raid.  Instead of just starting with 20 the group decided to dived into two teams when the stragglers arrived.  This would give everyone an equal opportunity to get a chance to catch a legendary.  It got even better as the group decided to dived all of the advanced players that were at level 30 and above in half so that they could help the lower level players defeat the raid boss.  I was witnessing humanity at it;s best as the group planed how we would all get a chance to capture Articuno.

With the introduction of legendaries the adrenaline when I am playing has risen to a level that is thrilling.  Yes I did catch the Articuno, but my heart was pounding so hard that I thought it was going to come out of my chest.  I was getting good throws at it but Articuno kept breaking out.  On my next to last ball I caught him.  Even if I had come away from the raid party empty handed the experience that I had watching how the Pokemon Go community in Albany works was amazing.

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