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Pidgey Stack

It is just math My friend Darryn told me about Pidgey stacks when I first started playing Pokémon Go on May 8, 2017. Today I racked up 97,000 Experience Points (XP) in 30 minutes. I did not understand how it worked until today. The smallest brings the big score For the past three months I…

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The Thrill Of Legendaries

The Beginning I do not consider myself a computer gamer. I do not like playing board games. The only games that I like to play are the one’s that I make up based on my day job, cycling or my hobbies…until now. I started playing Pokemon Go on May 8, 2017 with the encouragement of…

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4th of July Raid Boss Party

On the 4th of July 2017 I participated in a Raid at the fine Arts Museum on the Gillonville campus of ASU.  We met up with some other teams, but i decided to take a photo of all Team Instinct members. Please follow and like us:

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