My First 10 Days Playing Pokemon Go



I am new to Pokemon go.  I started playing on May 8th 2017.  It is May 18th 2017 and I am at level 16.  I have not had recent computer gaming experiences.  The last phone game that I played briefly was Words for Friends.  I got bored with it and stopped playing it after about three months.  The last old school computer game that I played was Monster Truck Madness and Pod Racer.  I played these games with my kids when they were small back in the 1990’s.

So how did I come to play a game that I hated when my kids were involved with the original Pokemon cards and the cartoon?  Well I had some peer pressure with some co-workers and I have fallen in love with playing the game.  One of the things that I like about it is that the game forces you top move around to play it.  the game also encourages you to play as a team.  I created this website to document my experiences with Pokemon go and to give a place for others to write about Team Instinct if the choose to share.

One of the things that I like about Pokemon go is incubating eggs while I ride my bike.  I am an avid cyclist and recently I have rediscovered how much fun it is to ride my cruiser bike.  I bike to work and ride slowly though the back streets and neighborhoods of Albany. GA.  I have a Bluetooth speaker on my bike so I have good tunes and can spot an occasional Pokemon along my routes to and form work.  Riding my bike just got one more good reason to be outside and cycling.

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